Monday, 19 January 2009

Sunday mart @ Gaya Street

Gaya Street Sunday Market is really good place for shopping. I love that market. I can get a lot what I want there.And I can get local foods, plants, shells, pets and handy crafts. I love to go there. It's open only Sunday. Since I arrive here (about 1 moths) I visit there twice. :P. I really love to walk in crowded place. May be that's why I love that market. I take some photos with my phone camera and most them are not clear. I only put some good photo.

First I go to sells stall. Most of shells are not expensive but a shell with plastic packed is over 1000 RM(in the pic)). I love collecting shells but I only love to collect by myself on shore or from the sea. :P I love to dive and I hope I get a chance to dive. I only watch in the movie and I never try it before.

This shop for collector. Old pot and some old staff. The instrument from behind for wedding.
( my mom said) Someone ring that one when groom and bride come in wedding hall(I thinks like that). Because, I my own country, have some tradition like here. That's why I think like that.

There are a lot of orchid and most are not very expensive. I say not very expensive because I can't effort to buy them. Around 100RM and some are more. So bought one orchid with bulb.
It's only 5 RM. I only effort for orchid not more than 20 RM. Unlucky they can't grow well and getting dry now :(. But, if I keep very well I can get new flowers.(cheer up myself) I have seen a lot of new species. I had never seen before in my life and I am very please to watch them.

And the lest one are local foods stall. Lot and lot of local food stalls are around the market. Most of foods are very similar to our local foods(burmese foods). And can get local sweets. Only in Gaya Street Sunday Mart can get some fishes very similar from our country. Because we don't like to eat fishs from sea and didn't use to eat in our country. When we saw them , we are really happy about that we can get foods that are very similar our local foods. But this weekend, it will open or not I am not sure.

I try to write with English my best. I know I am not good in writing. But I try it. :P