Monday, 8 October 2007

I am still alive

Someone say I am foolish,
Someone say I am stupid,
Someone say I am greedy,
Someone say I am selfish,
Yeah, I am such a bad girl,
But, I am still alive on this earth.

I am honestly foolish,
I am honestly stupid,
I am honestly honesty,
I am honestly greedy,
I am honestly honest,
I am still walk on this earth.

I want to be happy,
But I don't know how to be happy.
I want love,
But I don't want to give love.
I want to help,
But nobody need my help.
I want to be rich,
But I don't know how can I do to be rich.
But I am still alive on this earth,
without nothing that I want.
Till I am still alive,
I am still alive.